Pre-Arrangement of funeral instructions is a service we provide at no charge. We find ourselves working with more and more people as they choose to relieve their loved ones of the responsibility of making difficult and even costly decisions at a very emotional time.  When you pre-arrange for yourself, you will personally choose the service options most desirable to you, which allows you to make well informed decisions. 

It is very simple to pre-plan your final arrangements. Through the years we have seen how important it is for families to be prepared. Pre-planned funeral arrangements can be done in a series of steps. Depending what you are comfortable with, you may select any one  or combination of steps to customize your wishes.  Together, we will determine your specific needs, discuss your service and funding options, and handle the necessary paperwork.

Step 1: Simply contact one of our staff and receive answers to any questions you may have or request a free Pre-Planning Guide Booklet.

Step 2: In our office or your home we will ask you general questions such as vital statistics, family and work history, church and social affiliations, and discuss specific requests you may have. This information is then placed in a permanent and confidential file, kept at the funeral home until the time of need.

Step 3: If you choose, you will have the opportunity to select the service package appropriate for you along with any merchandise such as casket, burial vault or urn.

Step 4: The final aspect of pre-planning is pre-funding. Prepaying for the services and merchandise selected allows us to guarantee no increase in pricing.