Cremation provides an alternative to a traditional funeral, yet allows the option of visitation and funeral services.  Our on-site crematory allows us to independently maintain the trust bestowed on us by those who request cremation services.  Options for the cremated remains include burial on a family plot, scattering of the ashes, placement in an urn to be kept at home, or placed in a columbarium niche.

The Funeral/Memorial Service and Cremation

At Lee Funeral Home & Crematory you have the option of purchasing a cremation casket or a rental casket, making cremation with a funeral service an affordable option for many. Like burial, cremation can occur after a funeral where the casket is present in one's church or our funeral chapel.  The difference between a funeral followed by burial and one followed by cremation, is that the body is taken to the crematory after the service and would eliminate the procession to a cemetery.  Following funeral/visitation,  the body is cremated in the cremation container you have purchased.  After the cremation process, a private or public service may be arranged for the in urnment or burial of the cremated remains.

A memorial service, like a funeral, is a Celebration of Life, without the body present.  It may be in one's church, our funeral chapel or any other location you may choose.  The urn may be present for the Celebration of Life service, just as a casket would be present for a funeral service.  Some families choose to have a visitation or reception  following this type of service.  Our staff will  assist in planning,organizing and directing the Celebration of Life memorial service.

Direct Cremation
Is the simplest form of disposition, and includes no ceremonies or rites. We will require a family member or authorized party to at least verify the identity of the deceased before cremation.  Cremation  takes place only after obtaining a signed death certificate from the attending physician,a signed Cremation Authorization from the authorized agent(s)and a Cremation Permit from the County Coroner's Office where death occurred, if applicable. (There may be a County charge for this permit)

Options to consider:

  • Cremation with Funeral Services in our Chapel
  • Cremation with Funeral Services in your Church
  • Graveside services at the Cemetery of your choice
  • Visitation with your friends in our Funeral Home
  • Visitation with your friends in your Church
  • Viewing may be public, private or not at all.